how can you save fuel while driving on hills

How Can You Save Fuel While Driving on Hills? You Need To Know

If you are on a hillside road and do not have any filling station nearby to refill, you may be trying to save your gas left until the destination. How can you save fuel while driving on hills? This is a must-read topic, especially if you are a traveller; who always has a thirst for exploring things and spends a lot of time on the road. 

What happens when driving uphill? It is necessary to understand the reason first. When you are climbing a mountain in your car, the force that the engine has to supply becomes higher. Therefore, you will have to accelerate a lot of time, and it will lead to consuming more fuel. You can’t either release the acceleration as it will make the car too slow. If your is not able to give the power requirement, the vehicle will no longer continue the ride. 

How Can You Save Fuel While Driving on Hills?

Consuming more fuel on hilly roads is the usual nature of every vehicle. If the road is harder and rough, it will even spend more than the usual increment of fuel consumption. Even in Hybrid Electrical Vehicles, the percentage will increase from -3% to 5%. This is also similar to Battery Electrical Vehicles. But there are certain techniques you can practise to reduce the energy used by the car. 

How can you save fuel while driving on hills? Please have a look at the following guide. You will surely end up going more distance on the next hillside trip without wanting to refill. 

  • Driving on a plain does not put much strain on the engine. If you drive on a mountain, the strain on the engine goes up, and this force will increase if you accelerate. Therefore, the first thing to remember on a hilly road is to maintain a constant speed.
  • If you are trying to move at high speed, you will have to change the gears too. This will also lead to an increase in the force needed to supply and, accordingly, will decrease fuel efficiency. 
  • If you need to increase the speed, do not just do it in a few seconds. Because it will consume a lot more energy, instead, you will have to increase the speed gradually by stepping on the accelerator slowly. Consequently, if you keep the car in constant acceleration for a lil time and increase the speed again, the force on the engine at once will be decreased, and it will help to decrease fuel usage. 
  • Now you should understand that the engine is subjected to a lot of strain while driving on hilly roads. Therefore, if you are travelling along the hills for daily needs, you can adjust all the work in one or two days rather than going daily. 
  • If you are travelling as a hobby, if possible, you can plan the route in an alternative way, where there are no hills or less climbing. 
  • It would be better if you drive as slowly as you can when the road is rough, and you go across mountains. It is recommended to maintain a speed between 55 mph-65 mph. If there is a speed limit, you will not be able to do this. But if there is no such, always try to follow this rule to consume your gas more efficiently. 
  • Before starting the trip, you must check whether the tyres are inflated. If so, it will increase the distance you travel from a gallon of gas. You can find the recommended pressure in the user’s manual. Follow it and adjust the pressure. 
  • Did you know that air conditioning in your vehicle increases fuel consumption by 20%? Therefore, to save gas, you can turn off the A/C while you are climbing. If it is difficult to manage without air conditioning, use it from time to time. If you reduce the time on air conditioning, you can travel more miles than when it is on. 
  • When in the stops, do not come too close and apply break suddenly, because it is a way that the engine spends more fuel. If you are going to stop in a location, decrease the speed gradually when you get close to the destination. 
  • More stops mean more times when the strain on the engine takes place. This means when you stop at a lot of places, there will be more gas consumption by the engine. Therefore, it is advised to stop at only required places if you are travelling up on a hilly road and need to conserve your fuel.  
  • If there is traffic on the road you climb, you will have to use the first gear, and it is like having more stops, as we discussed in the earlier point. This scenario will strain more power on the engine. It will again lead to a higher fuel combustion rate. 

What Are the Ways You Can Save Fuel?

  • The mileage will be increased if you are doing regular inspections and maintenance on your tyres. This is a way best way that makes fuel efficiency increase.
  • Maintain a pressure between 0.3-0.5 bar in the tyres. As we discussed, you can check the pressure indicator before starting the travel and adjust it properly. 
  • Decreasing air resistance can successfully fulfil our necessity for fuel conservation. You can decrease the weight you carry to make this work. 
  • In order to increase the mileage, you should close the windows to reduce the air resistance. If you find it difficult, you can turn on the A/C. But not turning it on will save you more fuel and money. 
  • Other than these things, wearing enough cloth in winter will let you turn on the heater less and thereby will decrease fuel consumption. If you are travelling on a difficult road, turn off the cruise control. 


In this article, you can find all the tips about reducing fuel consumption when you are riding on a hilly road. Follow these tips and get the maximum use of the gas you pay.

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