How to Fix a Blinking Hyundai Check Engine Light

How to Fix a Blinking Hyundai Check Engine Light? [SOLVED]

Your Hyundai must be taken to the workshop if the engine light begins to blink since that indicates an issue that necessitates quick treatment. A blinking light shows that the case is severe and, if not addressed quickly, might cause significant harm to the car. So How to Fix a Blinking Hyundai Check Engine Light. Let’s find out.

Typically, this flashing check engine light indicates a significant engine misfire that causes incomplete combustion gasoline to escape into the exhaust manifold. Consequently, this could quickly increase the catalytic converter’s inside temp to the level where harm is significant. Many people inquire whether spark plugs trigger the engine light to blink. Indeed, this may be the reason. The engine might misfire if the spark plug is faulty, worn out, or unclean. If the issue is neglected or you keep driving, it may extend to the ignition coils, catalytic converter, or spark plug wires, necessitating a very expensive repair.

What Does The Engine Light Mean?

An engine light that is blinking indicates a problem that must be fixed immediately. The further you run with the check engine light on, the more harm your engine can sustain. 

During your driving, the ECU keeps track of all the detectors in your car. This data determines how much gasoline must be pumped into the cylinder and to what degree the spark should be ignited.

An issue signal will be generated if a sensor’s reading is incorrect for a brief period of time. The engine light will come on on the dash if the ECU repeatedly receives the incorrect result from the detector.

The engine warning light will begin to blink alternatively if the misfire is serious. This is to let you know that there is currently an issue that might harm the catalytic converter.

How do I Understand the Status of the Engine Light?

Any number of things might cause the Engine Light to illuminate. It should be looked into and fixed, whether it’s a tiny problem, like a lost gas cap, or a more major one, like a damaged spark plug.

Engine Light Remains On

You can travel if the engine light doesn’t really turn off after a short while. But only if the car’s vital components, including the brake and lamps, are operational. Pay attention to your car’s dash hazard lights, such as the cylinder temperatures and the oil pressure.

The Engine Light Is Blinking

The condition is critical if the engine light is blinking. You should never ever continue driving the car. A defective ignition coil or spark plug is typically the problem.

If you continue to drive, you’ll probably do harm that cannot be undone. For optimal results, have your automobile towed to a licensed technician.

Causes of the Hyundai Check Engine Sign

Even though the check engine warning flashing can be extremely frightening to watch that tiny indicator on your car’s dash instantly brighten, you shouldn’t immediately stop operating your car out of fear. 

Your engine light might mean one of the hundreds of various diagnoses. While that may seem intimidating, with a little perseverance, learning to do simple inspections will teach you vital information about your car and enable the Engine Light to serve its intended purpose—serving as a guide. However, a backlit Engine Light does not always come with clear and useful car symptoms. Since there are countless OBD programs, there are countless reasons why the light may be on, including the following:

  • Transmission difficulties
  • Oxygen sensor issues
  • Issues with the gasoline and air-measuring devices
  • Faulty ignition system
  • Issues with catalytic converters
  • Defective spark plugs
  • Weak battery
  • Faulty data output circuits
  • Absent or unsecured gas caps

Causes of the Blinking Engine Light

  • Defective spark plugs
  • Malfunctions on cylinders
  • Defective fuel injectors
  • Issues with exhaust emissions
  • Defective crankshaft
  • Overcharging or Boosting issues
  • An internal engine issue

The most frequent reason for a blinking check engine signal is a misfire, typically brought on by faulty ignition wires or spark plugs. A variety of factors can cause misfires; therefore, it is not quite straightforward.

How to Fix a Blinking Hyundai Check Engine Light?

Now that we know what causes these problems, So How to Fix a Blinking Hyundai Check Engine Light. You need to be aware that if the engine light is always on or flickering, a fault code is stored in the database so you can figure out what went wrong.

Hence, it is wrong to simply start replacing parts by guessing which ones could be responsible for the engine light. It will mostly result in wasting your money.

Examining the information the ECU attempts to convey is a significantly more efficient and beneficial approach. This is possible using a diagnostic reader.

Suppose you believe that a diagnostic reader is overkill for your particular issue. In that case, you may always access one from a neighbour or simply transport your vehicle to a workshop where they can interpret the data for you.

You’ll probably discover a fault diagnosis for a malfunction once you have the ECU unit’s data. To keep investigating for that error code, look for further similar error codes.

For instance, you should continue investigating the ignition coil if you receive both a misfire and an igniting-related issue code.

Examine the ignition coils, spark plugs, and electrical connections if you experience misfires on a particular cylinder. A problem with a thin or rich combination is most certainly present if you experience misfires on numerous cylinders.


In this article, we have seen How to Fix a Blinking Hyundai Check Engine Light and what causes it. Getting your car serviced immediately if the engine light is blinking or illuminating is essential. Knowing what sets off these signals will help you avoid costly repairs and maintain your safety while driving.

The reasons could be simple as an improperly fastened gas cap or severe issues in the engine. If you don’t get your car checked out right away while the engine light is on, problems might grow severe until they are corrected.

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