is it illegal to have led lights inside your car

Is It Illegal to Have LED Lights inside Your Car? – [Know the Rules]

Car lovers may do anything to make their cars look more sparkling than other cars. Most people tend to accomplish this craving by fixing custom interior lighting. This colourful interior lighting adds vibrance and glamour to your vehicle. Whether you prefer a multi-colour effect or just a blue glow, custom lights enable us to give out an expressive sense of aesthetic. However, people worldwide are worried about the legality of fixing these lights in their cars. So, is it illegal to have LED lights inside your car? Let’s find out.

Going against popular opinion, having LED lights inside your car is not illegal. They help make your car look more beautiful and lighten up the cabin. However, keep in mind to make your car fashionable and trending while also adhering to road regulations. LED headlights make it uncomfortable for drivers to drive at night. But, if you need to increase the outer look and efficiency of the face, you may wonder whether it is illegal to do so.

No one stops you from having LED lights installed in your vehicle. Most vehicle regulation pays concern over the instalment of taillights, underflow lights, and headlights visible outside the car. But, sadly, they pay attention in dealing with interior lighting.

An Intro about Interior Care Lights – Why Do We Need Them?

Mostly all cars come with a fixed internal lighting system that helps us to see things inside the vehicle when it’s dark. Depending on their function and location inside the car, these lights are of various sizes, shapes, and intensity levels. Custom interior lights consist of many small LED bulbs. But, you can always replace the bulbs. LED car lights have various configurations including remote-controlLED, strip, battery-powered, and many more.

Most automobiles have interior lights, such as courtesy lights or dome lights, fixed into them. These lights are usually installed at the ceiling of the vehicle and light up when the passenger enters or leaves the car. Usually, these lights keep switched on until the vehicle is powered up so that the passengers can fasten their seat belts safely. Moreover, car interior lights help passengers find misplaced objects or read maps in the dark. Before finding out whether it is illegal to have LED lights inside your car, let’s be enlightened about its advantages.

The Perks of Fixing an LED Interior Lighting System

There are multiple benefits of using LED lights, whether it is to give your car a new look or replace a dome light. If you still need to decide whether to switch to LED or not, here are some compelling reasons to do so.  

The Durability

LED lights have the potential to endure vibrations and other forces that usually destroy conventional incandescent bulbs. This unique feature makes them perfect for use with any application with frequent jolts and bumps or in off-road vehicles. LEDs bulbs last for a long time. You may have observed that filaments with halogen lights are so brittle. However, LED bulbs are less brittle and have a higher shock resistance ability.

The High Efficiency

LED bulbs are more effective. While the incandescent bulb wastes up to 90% of the energy, LED bulbs convert more and more power to light. This powerful feature increases the efficiency of LED bulbs and, as a result, helps to save you money. LED bulbs are more efficient in that they use more lumens per watt. In simpler terms, LED lights do not need a high wattage to produce the same amount of light produced by a traditional bulb.

Less Heat Production

LEDs give out less heat. They produce little heat than incandescent bulbs because they are more efficient. This positive feature helps keep the car cooler in hot environments and extends the life span of the car’s electrical system. Because LEDs do not consume heat to lighten up like traditional bulbs, they emit less heat and light up quickly. LEDs are way more energy efficient than other bulbs or incandescent bulbs, which is interesting. You should be aware that almost 90% of energy from an incandescent bulb is heated and wasted.

Have a Lengthier Lifespan

LED lights have a longer lifespan than most other conventional incandescent bulbs. They can last up to 50,000 hours. So this benefit offers you the convenience of not wanting to replace bulbs often and saving money. What is the Lifespan of LED bulbs? Typically, It is around 50,000 hours. On the other hand, regular bulbs last up to only about 25,000 hours. Since LED bulbs have a longer life span, they are worth the cost. Studies demonstrate that LEDs can last up to 25 times longer than regular bulbs.

Is it Illegal to Have LED Lights Inside Your Car? – The Common Beliefs

Let’s see the common beliefs spun around the question: is it illegal to have LED lights inside your car?

Road regulations consider LED lights illegal mainly because they are not safe as to how alluding they sound and appear. LED lights on your car can be more dangerous when traveling in the dark at night hours. LED lights can limit your ability to see the road ahead. They can reflect off your windshield wiper. This fault may pose an obstruction to your field of view. Moreover, passengers will turn on the dome light for numerous reasons. This action could distract the driver ending up in major or minor accidents. Though having LED lights inside your vehicle is not illegal, you may face accidents due to distractions.

Final Thoughts

So, is it illegal to have LED lights inside your car? In contrast to the common belief, having LED lights on your car is not banned by anyone. Remember while driving that you can’t show any light other than the red light on the back of a vehicle. It would help if you never focused your LED lights on the drivers. Apart from that, nothing will stop you from fixing LED interior lights in your car.

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