why does my dashcam keep turning off

Why does My Dashcam Keep Turning Off? Tips For Fixing It!!!

You may install a dashcam on your vehicle to safeguard it from thieves, vandalism, and other problems because a vehicle is a highly valuable asset to possess. However, you may occasionally face a problem with a dashcam which keeps turning off. If a dash camera repeatedly shuts off, what’s the point? Even though a dash cam protects you from a lot of incidents, It has no use if it’s turned off once in a while. Although you might believe that your dash camera is the source of the issue, it’s possible that be a wide range of other elements at play. So, if you want answers to the question, why does my dashcam keep turning off? Read out the article to the end. Let us begin.

Do Dashcams Drain Car Battery?

Yes, dashcams use the battery in order to process; however, this is not always the case. The likelihood of dashcam driving the battery is very low. Also, modern dashcams have their own batteries these days to prevent these.

In order to address this point fully, it is crucial to comprehend how dash cameras operate. A dash camera is a tool that enables users to film what occurs in front of their vehicle as they travel (and occasionally interior as well). It will save the clips in its memory card or upload them to a cloud if it’s smart enough. Clearly explained, it’s a webcam that you mount someplace on your vehicle’s interior or front. The majority of them film as you ride, so you don’t have to worry about turning it on or off.

However, since they continuously capture, there is a worry that the battery will be drained since the majority of dash cameras, of course, are powered by your vehicle’s battery. It’s not a problem once you’re travelling, but it gets a little more challenging when the automobile is halted.

If your dashcam detects motions, it will automatically detect movements and starts capturing things when parked, which can use the power from the battery. Although it will not kill your battery quickly, it can drain the battery if the vehicle hasn’t started up for a period of time.

How Long does a Dashcam Battery Last?

That depends on the size of the cell the dashcam has. Some of them have enough power to last for days, and some don’t even include a battery for the dashcam.

The majority of available dash cameras come with a modest inbuilt 250 mAh cell that lasts between three and five minutes. These batteries can only be used as a backup when the car suddenly stops. In order to ensure fire hazard, the inbuilt battery of the dash cam is modest in most devices. On hot afternoons when the heat within the automobile exceeds the limit, substantial batteries may burst and cause a fire.

And the dashcam comes with a bigger cell that lasts upto a day. Once the vehicle is turned off, the cell takes over. It provides enough energy for the dashcam to operate for up to three days for a solitary sensor dashcam or roughly 36 hours for a dash camera that captures both forward and backwards.

What is the Danger If Dashcam is Not Working?

Having direct footage of any traffic accidents is the principal motivation why thousands of motorists, mainly, have chosen to utilize a dashcam. It’s not always easy to determine who did something wrong or when something happened to your car when you were away. 

Therefore you may have the danger of losing your evidence or source of identifying the culprit when something bad happens to your car if the dashcam is not working. 

Also, dashcams are used to capture beautiful moments when you are driving; if you can’t reach your phone, you can take the clip from your dashcam footage. And you will also lose that if it isn’t working.

Why does My Dashcam Keep Turning Off?

A number of causes for dashcam malfunctions. Here are a few of the underlying factors:

  • Faulty Deployment

Poor setup is the primary and most frequent cause of dashcam malfunction. This may be triggered by a bad automobile power supply or the dashboard camera being installed in the wrong spot. Or maybe the power supply setup is loose or not correctly plugged in. You may quickly eliminate this problem by correctly mounting the dash camera.

  • The Power is Running Down

A dash cam’s charge may deplete after prolonged use, which may cause the device’s intermittent operation. 

The cell in your device is damaged, or the cell you utilize is discharged.  The majority of dashcams have an internal battery that must be recharged often. Or some of them don’t, which will use the car battery or stop recording when the engine turns off.

Based on the kind of dashboard camera, this might last anywhere from a couple of moments to 48 hrs. Ensure the battery is charged completely to ensure that your dash camera can resume capturing if it continues shutting off.

  • Excessive Heat

Your dashcam may become affected by the temperature and shut off. The temperature may force the dashcam to turn off.

You should be mindful of how warm the inside of the vehicle might become during the summertime if you own a dashboard camera that is continually recording. In worst-case scenarios, the in-built battery can also explode due to the temperature. 

  • Unreliable Electricity Supply

If the cigarette lighter seems to supply electricity for your dash camera, you must ensure that the lighter is in good condition. Occasionally it may not deliver the required amount of power to the dash cam. So it’s recommended to utilize a different electricity supply connected to the vehicle.

  • Incorrect Memory Stick

The majority of dashboard cameras on the market now need an Sd card to save the video feed. They don’t have internal memory. In certain circumstances, some dashboard cameras necessitate a specific kind of memory, while others are suitable for the majority of MicroSD devices.

The dashboard camera won’t be able to store the recorded footage if you use the incorrect MicroSD. 

You must do your homework before purchasing a Memory card, whether what kind and how much storage memory card the device can use.

  • An Unclean Camera

If the sensor on your dash camera gets filthy, it can cease functioning. The lens may have dirt or grime, which prevents the camera from working correctly. Even though it won’t happen most of the time, it is good to clean your dashcam occasionally.

How to Fix a Dashcam that Keeps Turning Off?

If you have identified the cause of the problem, you should proceed with the ideal way to fix the issue.

If you suspect the battery in the dashcam is old or not charged, restore or recharge them. Ensure the battery is charged completely to ensure that your dash camera can resume capturing if it continues shutting off.

Consider parking your car in the shade or ventilated place to maintain the temperature. Keeping your dashboard camera in a well-ventilated area is the ideal method to solve this issue in hot weather. To avoid intense temperatures, you might put a tiny fan near the dashboard camera. 

If you suspect the installation isn’t done properly, you should definitely consult a professional to fix the issue as soon as possible. 

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