can you drive without power steering

Can You Drive Without Power Steering?

When facing a situation where your car’s power steering has stopped working suddenly can lead you to a myriad of questions and concerns. The first thing that hits the mind is, Can you drive without power steering?

Yes, it is possible to drive without power steering but it comes with a certain degree of danger, especially, if you have never tried it before. We will explain all these in this article. Let’s start.

Can You Drive Without Power Steering?

Yes, you can drive without power steering, but it requires more physical effort, especially during turns and at low speeds.

Modern vehicles are designed with power steering for ease of handling, so without it, steering becomes heavier and more challenging.

It’s important to exercise caution if driving without power steering, as it affects vehicle control and maneuverability.

What Challenges Can You Face While Driving Without Power Steering?

As the name suggests by itself, power steering helps easy maneuvering of the vehicle. So, without the help of power steering, 

Increased Steering Effort

The most noticeable challenge is the increased effort required to turn your steering wheel. This is especially evident at lower speeds or when maneuvering in tight spaces, like in parking lots.

It doesn’t necessarily suggest that you should drive at high speeds when driving without power steering it’s a big NO.

Reduced Maneuverability

Without the assistance of power steering, your vehicle’s maneuverability decreases. Making sharp turns or quick adjustments becomes more difficult, which can be problematic in heavy traffic or emergency situations.

Physical Strain

Extended driving without power steering can lead to physical strain on arms and shoulders, particularly on longer drives. This strain can lead to fatigue, affecting overall driving performance.

Ask a driver of old age, they will explain how much effort they had to put into maneuvering vehicles without power steering.

Emergency Situations

In emergencies that require quick and decisive steering actions, the lack of power steering can significantly hinder your ability to react effectively, potentially leading to dangerous situations.

Precautions for Driving Without Power Steering

If you find yourself in a situation where you face a sudden power steering failure, temporary solutions, and precautions are necessary for your safety. Here are some of our tips to help you manage the situation:

  • Without power steering, it’s essential to handle your vehicle with extra care. We recommend you drive at lower speeds to maintain better control and allow you more time for turns and maneuvers.
  • Be prepared for the increased physical effort required, especially when you are starting, stopping, or making sharp turns. Avoid tight parking spaces where extensive steering might be needed.
  • On longer journeys (which is not something we recommend without power steering assist), plan for frequent breaks to prevent fatigue from additional physical exertion of steering.
  • If possible, choose routes that avoid congested areas where frequent steering adjustments are necessary.
  • Keep both hands on the wheel for better control, as steering without power assistance requires more force.
  • Give yourself more space to react, as driving without power steering can slow the response time in avoiding obstacles or sudden stops.
  • Let your passengers know about the lack of power steering so they can be prepared for different driving styles and assist if needed.

Here is a helpful video that you should watch.

Video Credits – Seanbeingsean

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