how to steering wheel bars work

How Do Steering Wheel Bars Work?

As car theft continues to be a concern, innovative solutions like steering wheel bars have become essential for added security. However, it’s not just about using one; understanding how steering wheel bars work can enhance your safety measures. So, why not read our informative article for more insights?

How Do Steering Wheel Bars Work?

A steering wheel bar, also referred to as a steering wheel lock, is a physical anti-theft device designed to immobilize a car’s steering wheel.

This strong bar-shaped tool connects to the steering wheel and prevents it from turning. This means a steering wheel bar effectively deters theft by making it difficult for unauthorized users to drive the vehicle.

The mechanism involves extending the bar to clamp onto the steering wheel, often at two points, and then locking it in place. Once installed, the bar prohibits the wheel from turning more than a few degrees, making driving or steering the vehicle impossible. The lock is typically key-operated, ensuring that only the holder of the key can remove it.

Steering wheel bars are typically made of high-strength steel and are adjustable to fit different steering wheel sizes. They are visible from outside the car, adding an extra layer of security by serving as a visual deterrent to potential thieves.

How to Install a Steering Wheel Bar?

Installing a steering wheel bar, or steering wheel lock, is a straightforward process. Here is our simple guide on how to install a steering wheel bar.

  • Steering wheel locks come with a key. Use the key to unlock the steering wheel bar, allowing it to extend to its full length.
  • Place the bar over the steering wheel. Ensure it’s positioned in a way that prevents the wheel from turning. Some models fit the top of the wheel, while others clamp onto the sides. 
  • Most steering wheel bars are adjustable. Extend or retract the bar as needed depending on the size of your steering wheel to ensure a snug, secure fit on the steering wheel.
  • Once you properly adjust the bar to fit the size of your steering wheel, lock the bar by pushing the mechanism into place. Lock and remove the key to ensure the bar is securely locked.

How Much Does Steering Wheel Bar Cost?

Steering wheel bars are not expensive; the cost of a steering wheel bar, or steering wheel lock typically ranges from $20 to $100.

Basic models are usually more affordable, while advanced locks with additional features like alarm systems or reinforced materials can be more expensive.

What Should I Do if I Lose the Key to My Steering Wheel Bar?

If you lose the key to your steering wheel bar and don’t have a spare key, you will have to contact the manufacturer first. They may be able to provide a replacement key based on the lock’s serial number.

If the manufacturer cannot assist, you will have to seek the help of a locksmith. They have tools to safely remove the lock without damaging the steering wheel. 

Can Steering Wheel Bars Damage the Steering Wheel?

As far as we see, steering wheel bars, if used correctly, generally do not damage the steering wheel. However, improper use or a poor fit can potentially cause wear or marks. 

When locking it to the steering wheel make sure not to apply too much force. In addition, it’s important to use a bar that properly fits the steering wheel’s size and shape.  when installing the bar.

Some bars come with rubber or soft padding to prevent scratches; lack of this padding can lead to abrasions on the wheel. 

Most importantly, if you have lost the key of the lock and trying to remove it from the steering wheel without the help of a locksmith can cause potential damage to the wheel. 



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