Both front brake calipers not releasing

Both Front Brake Calipers Not Releasing – (Diagnosing and Resolving Issues)

Safety should be number one when you are driving a vehicle. But sometimes there will be some issues that might result in having a risk of accidents. Activation of brakes and reducing the speed of vehicles is one of the important things for safety. But you might experience that both front brake calipers are not releasing even though you try harder. This is something that should be taken into consideration as it can even cause loss of life. Are both front brake calipers not releasing? Read this article to the end and be prepared in case something like this happens to you!

What are Brake Calipers?

Brake calipers are in the disc brake system of your vehicle. The front brakes of most cars have brake calipers, and some vehicles have them on all four wheels.

Brake calipers shelter the brake pads and the pistons while covering them. They are located above the brake pads and under the brake pedals, which are a great help when braking your vehicle.

Brake calipers help to decelerate the vehicle by cooperating with brake pads and rotors in generating friction.

How Do Brake Calipers Work?

Here’s how the brake calipers work. When the driver steps on the brake pedals or applies pressure, the brake fluid forcefully comes, and that pressure will push the piston in the brake calipers to the brake pads.

Then the brake pads press forcefully against the rotors creating friction on the wheels. So, we can say that brake calipers are the main help for the brake pads to press against the rotors in activating brakes in the vehicle.

When friction is created against the motion of the vehicle, your vehicle will either be decelerated or stopped. So, the brake calipers will help you to avoid accidents and protect you from breaking the road rules and signs.

What Causes Both Front Brake Calipers to Not Release?

There are several reasons that cause both front brake calipers to not release.

  1. Dirty Brake Fluid

Over time, dust and debris will get collected in the parts of the brake system. Then the collection of dirt, moisture, and other contaminated particles will get collected in the brake fluid, decreasing its efficiency. This is the main issue for the brake calipers to not release. So, when the calipers are stuck, the brake pads and rotors also are unable to make their moves.

  1. Seized Brake Calipers

The slides and pins of the brake calipers will get stuck because of the dirt, rust, and lack of lubrication. So, when these slides and pins cannot be moved, it will also delay the movement of the brake calipers. Also, these pins can be broken due to corrosion. Therefore, it is needed to be cleaned and lubricated over time.

  1. Malfunctioning of Pistons

Brake pads move with the force of the pistons in the calipers. The pistons can lose their efficiency and get stuck when rust or dirt collects around them. Then you might feel that the front brake calipers are not releasing.

  1. Damaged Brake Hose

A brake hose is the part that transports brake fluid from the master cylinder to the brake caliper. So, if the brake hose is damaged or worn out, it won’t carry the fluid efficiently, causing the calibers to be stuck and not releasing fully. This also happens when the brake lines get clogged with dust and dirt particles.

  1. Worn Brake Pads

You’ll feel that brake calipers are also stuck because of worn brake pads. When the brake pads are damaged or worn, they will not contribute to the proper movement of the brake calipers, and that will prevent the vehicle from applying brakes.

Symptoms of Brake Calipers Not Releasing

Symptoms of Brake Calipers Not Releasing

Following are some signs that you can feel or say that your brake calipers are not releasing or they are stuck.

  • You can feel that your vehicle or your car is pulling to one side or dragging without your control while you are driving. Also, you will feel that your car is unbalanced.
  • You will feel that your car is holding back without moving or slowing down, even when you are not applying the brakes.
  • You can witness that the fuel consumption is higher than the other times. This is because of the unnecessary friction generated on the wheels.
  • Your wheels will get hot excessively.
  • Also, you can sense a burning smell from your vehicle and from the wheels. The excessive heat generated due to uncontrolled friction is the cause of this burning smell.

How to Fix When Both Front Brake Calipers Not Releasing?

If you feel that both front brake calipers are not releasing, you can fix that issue by doing the below-mentioned things.

  • Thoroughly inspect the parts of the brake system with the help of a mechanic.
  • If the calipers, brake pads, pistons, or any other part in the brake system has worn out or damaged due to rust or heat, you should replace them if you are unable to rebuild them as they were before.
  • Maintain the inner parts of your vehicle according to a schedule. This should be done not only for the brake system but also for other inner parts of the vehicle too. Therefore, inspecting each component is important for the durability of the vehicle.
  • If the brake system lacks lubrication, apply suitable lubrication for the brake parts.
  • Clean all parts of the brake system. The dirt, rust, and debris which have built up and collected in the calipers, piston, brake hose, fluid, rotors, etc., should be cleaned well and keep them as brand new to function properly again.
  • Do not brake constantly and harshly with excessive pressure when applying brakes.
  • Activate the ventilation system when the brake calipers and other parts get excessive heat from the friction.

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