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Gear Shift Indicator Light Not Working – Troubleshooting Tips!

The gear shift indicator light is an important component of a vehicle that no one can ignore because it guides you when switching gears. Accordingly, it helps to minimize transmission damages. When the gear shift indicator light is not working, there is a chance of shifting gears improperly. Therefore, it is vital to have the indicator light in good condition.

Today, we have listed the reasons behind a malfunctioning indicator light and the solutions you can try to fix in this blog post. Indeed, those are small mistakes that you can avoid, so keep reading to get the knowledge.

How does a Gear Shift Indicator Work? 

The gear shift indicator belongs to the transmission system of the latest automobiles. Its responsibility is to alert you when it is time to shift gears. Thus, it helps to maintain the good condition of transmission. The gear shift indicator light is designed with an illuminated bulb or LED.

There are sensors that are connected from the engine and transmission system to this indicator light. And also, the indicator light is connected to the car’s computer system. These sensors consider some readings, including the engine speed, RPM, etc.

After they determine which gear is suitable at the moment, they pass the signal to the indicator light.

Accordingly, the driver can quickly recognize the moment that he needs to shift gears. Actually, this indicator light is similar to a warning system. For example, when there are false gear shifts often, it is trying to imply an issue with the transmission system.

In some vehicles, the indicator light is connected to electronic components such as torque converters, pressure switches, etc.

Why is My Gear Shift Indicator Light Not Working?

We can identify these things as the major reasons for the gear shift indicator light not to work.

  1. Wiring Issues – if the wires of the unit have become loose, the light will not work. And also, there might be some damage to the wires. The wires become loose or faulty, especially after an accident or an improper repair.
  2. Faulty Shift Indicator Switch – the indicator switch is responsible for illuminating the light. When there is a fault with the switch, the light cannot flash. Sometimes, you will have a blinky light.
  3. Fuse/relay Issues – there are fuses and relays that are joined to this light. Sometimes, they might have been damaged or worn out. Then the indicator light will start to blink, or it will not work at all.
  4. Burned-out Bulb – sometimes, the bulb of the indicator light might have burned out. Thus, there is no something to show the status of gear shifting.
  5. Faulty Control Module – there is a gear shift indicator control module in certain car models which controls the light. A problem in the control module can also affect the indicator light.

Symptoms of a Faulty Shift Indicator Light

When your gear shift indicator light malfunctions, you can notice these symptoms too.

  1. Wrong Gear Reading – you will notice that the gear reading is not accurate when there is a faulty shift indicator light. Although the car is in drive, it can be shifted to neutral soon. Undoubtedly, this case is dangerous because you can misunderstand since the gear you put in is not the one you meant to use.
  2. Check Engine Light – this light will appear from time to time due to the malfunctioning of the indicator light. Then you have to check your vehicle. Some other faulty components can be the source flashing this light.
  3. Unmoving Shift Indicator – normally, when the gear is shifted, the light also moves. When there is a problem, it becomes motionless. Sometimes, there might be alignment issues as well.

How to Fix a Faulty Indicator Light

How to Fix a Faulty Indicator Light? 

Here, we have described the solutions to try according to the particular causes.

  1. Check the Wires – disconnect the battery and check if there are loosed and damaged wires. All the wires should be tight and secured. Remember to check the connectors too. You can even use a multimeter to test the wires. The voltage readings need to be within the correct parameters.
  2. Replacing your Shift Indicator Switch – you can replace the shift indicator switch with some tools. First, you should remove the panel and access the switch. After that, you can unplug the switch from the wires. Next, unscrew the screws and install the new one.
  3. Check the Fuses and Relays – check the fuse box diagram to identify the locations. Then you can pull out the fuses and relays and check whether there are damages. Take the multimeter and test the voltage too. If they are damaged, go for a replacement.
  4. Replace the Bulb – if the bulb has burned out, you have to purchase a compatible bulb according to your car model.
  5. Replace the Control Module – first, it would be better to test the module using a multimeter. If it has been damaged, you have to visit a professional mechanic to replace it because the replacement requires some special tools.

How Do you Change a Gear Shift Light Bulb? 

The indicator light bulb replacement can be done by yourself because it does not require special tools or professional knowledge. Here are the instructions you should follow.

  1. There is a lens cover on the indicator. You need to remove that first. Then you can access the bulb holder.
  2. Now you will need needle nose pliers in order to remove the base of the holder. Grip and twist it carefully. Then it will be loose, so you can remove it from the socket.  
  3. After you take the old bulb out, you can insert your new bulb. Properly fix it in the lamp holder.
  4. Finally, you can place the lens cover again.

After replacing the bulb, you should check whether the indicator light is working properly. When you shift gears, you can do it.

Bottom Line 

Modern cars come with a gear shift indicator light to monitor the gear shifting. But when it malfunctions, there might be serious issues since the driver cannot understand when to shift gears. This problem can happen due to various issues, such as wiring problems. If you diagnose the case, it is possible to fix them with the necessary tools.

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