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Check AWD System – Ensuring Vehicle Safety!

Any vehicle enthusiast will be thrilled to have an AWD system in their car, truck or jeep. The spectacle of an AWD system is something to experience even once in a lifetime. Thus many follow the inventions and updated versions of the AWD system and vehicles that carry the system on them with a mind on purchasing them. However, most people do not know about the warning light and the sign saying “Check AWD system”. Therefore, this article will discuss the truth and how to respond to such a warning sign in your vehicle.

What is an AWD System?

An AWD system is an abbreviation of all-wheel drive, which is a system implanted in a vehicle that can send power to all four wheels to begin their motions simultaneously or at different times. There are two primary AWD systems in cars that you will be able to notice.

  1. Full-time AWD System

  • The whole-time AWD system refers to its ability to simultaneously power all four wheels to motion.
  1. Part-time AWD System

  • Though the part-time system can power all four wheels simultaneously, it only does so when it is essential. Most often, the procedure functions in the two-wheel drive mode.

Why Regularly Inspect Your AWD System?

As mentioned, an AWD system powers the wheels to motion simultaneously or differently. Thus it is vital to keep a close look at the system as it could carry a lot of danger if the system is worn off.

Therefore one must always check for tire rotations, driving conditions, road conditions, and electronics, as all these factors dare to affect the performance of the AWD system highly.

Moreover, with keen attention paid to the AWD system, you can save a hefty sum of money otherwise might have to be spent on repairing the system in the long run.

How Does an AWD System Work?

The functionality of the AWD system is simultaneously simple and intricate. As we mentioned above, the primary purpose of the AWD system is to power the wheels of the vehicle; thus, the system utilizes a drive shaft connected to the rear and front axles.

This connection enables the engine to distribute power equally to each wheel. Though it seems simple, this whole procedure will take up fuel consumption to a higher level.

Some extraordinary mechanisms are used inside the AWD system to regulate power around. The centre differentials use a viscous coupling, while the multi-plate hydraulic clutch differentials use clutch plates powered mainly by hydraulic pressure.

The vehicle might also use Torsen differentials which are highly mechanical, and it is utilized very rarely as well.

When Should You Check Your AWD System?

Investigating the AWD system should always be open to any period, as early caring will care for you and your vehicle’s health. Thus be cautious about the car and pay attention to either the silent or loud cries of your vehicle at any given time.

If you ever notice the “Check AWD system” warning sign on your car’s information panel, you must not ignore the sign. Act immediately and inspect the suspected problems regarding your AWD health which can be started within the transmission system.

Therefore ensure that you take the vehicle through a monthly and annual checkup to prevent such warning signs.

How to Perform a Visual AWD System Inspection?

Could you inspect a problem within the AWD system through a visual inspection? Thus in this section, we present a way to do so. While your vehicle is on a slippery lane, slightly accelerate on the idle.

Ensure that you have successfully deactivated any traction control system in the car. Thus at the end of this procedure, you will sense a tint wheel spin; if you do not seem to feel this, you will sense a spin in either the rear r front wheels.

Thus this has been used to interrogate AWD in an earlier stage of trouble in many cases.

Where Can You Get Professional AWD System Inspections?

A slight inspection will not suit your vehicle if the destruction or the error is in the deep end of the system. Therefore the best solution for you is to seek help and guidance from a professional. Hence ensure that you visit experienced technicians to inspect the problem with an owe overtrust as there are more money diggers in the industry than genuine hands. The following places are likely to provide you with an honest inspection and affordable options.

  • Donagheys Garage, Ireland.
  • J. Garage, Peterborough PE4 6GD.
  • Carlton Colville Service station LTD, Lowestoft NR33 8JP.
  • Ely Auto Care, Ely CB62HZ.

Can Neglect AWD Maintenance Affect Vehicle Performance?

The most straightforward answer to this question is YES. The more you ignore, the worse the situation will get. Thus ensure to investigate and find solutions to the present problems of your AWD system before they get any worse.

However, some of the things you will notice if you keep on ignoring it will be high grinding sound when riding at a higher speed, tire imbalance, warning signs always on the information screen, and a hard banging sensation with high acceleration and ultimately affecting the engine these consultations should get worse. Thus never ignore, always acknowledge and act out.

What Tools Are Needed for AWD System Checks

What Tools Are Needed for AWD System Checks?

The tools that will be needed to perform an inspection over an AWD system will be highly vital for the reader who is hoping to approach the process in a “do it yourself” version. However, the list is short, and in fact, it is a much faster list.

Your definite needs are,

  • Scan tool
  • Service information tool
  • Sensors
  1. Two wire sensor
  2. Three wire sensor

Besides, you need basic knowledge of the system and the vehicle.

What Are the Benefits of a Well-Maintained AWD System?

Many benefits could be attained through an AWD system. However, this could only be true if you maintain the subject well. Thus, you must keep the system with monthly and annual checkups. Through this maintenance, you will be able to gain such benefits that you will be thankful for purchasing a vehicle with a built-in AWD system.

The benefits of an AWD system

  • The system allows the vehicle to have more and better traction in slippery road conditions.
  • The high-speed turning will not risk your life as much with less spinning.
  • You will become a better handler with the car stabilizing itself with the established system.
  • A sporty version for your car.

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