Do Gas Stations Sell Pregnancy Tests?

Do Gas Stations Sell Pregnancy Tests?

Pregnancy strips are a must-include in every woman’s luggage when travelling miles. When you forget those essentials or have run out when you are driving to a far destination, you will be looking for easy access to a seller. If you have a search on the question, do gas stations sell pregnancy tests, you will probably fulfil your need wherever you go.  

Urine tests and blood tests are used in identifying pregnancy. Blood tests cannot be done at home or on your own. But some strips can be used in the checking, which reads the hCG level that contains in urine. Home pregnancy tests are a convenient invention that allows checking the pregnancy whenever and wherever.

Some types are sensitive to lower levels of HCG concentrations than others do. Therefore, you will have to do a market search with reviews and personal experience when you choose a brand. 

Do Gas Stations Sell Pregnancy Tests?

Whether it is a blood sample or a urine sample, when checking the pregnancy, it is the same hormone which responsible for giving a positive result. This hormone is known as Human Chorionic gonadotrophin or hCG. hCG is produced when six days pass fertilization. The specific cells around the embryo secret hCG. After three weeks of fertilization, the average hCG levels lie between 6-70 IU/L (unit measures: International Units per Litre). Within the 4th week, it will rise and lie between 10-750 IU/L. 

When a pregnancy strip is introduced to urine, it will give a reading. We will discuss further instructions for identifying the reading of a pregnancy test kit later in this article. 

There are many places where you can buy a pregnancy kit. A nearby pharmacy will definitely present instant pregnancy testing strips. These are also available in supermarkets, primary grocery stores or convenience stores nearby. It is important to add to your general knowledge that pregnancy tests are also available in gas stations. 

What are the Types of Pregnancy Kits?

  • There are specially designed home test kits in some brands that can use to check pregnancy signs, even before you miss a period. If you have symptoms or are doubting pregnancy, you can use such early pregnancy test kits. These can give results five or six days before the starting date of your period. 
  • There are non-digital pregnancy checking strips which illustrate the result in coloured lines. When introduced to a urine media, these strips mostly show a blue or pink straight line. The stripe tests are cheaper; you could even buy some for $1. If you are getting a lighter line in these tests, it may be because the hCG concentration is low. There is also a very rare situation which gives a false positive line: drinking too many liquids before a pregnancy test has a lower possibility of giving a false positive result with a faint line. If you are unsure about the results, you can perform the same test a few days after the first attempt.
  • Digital pregnancy tests are the next option you have got in the market. It is evident that these are the most accurate type of readings. A digital pregnancy test presents the results on a screen. The strip is manufactured with a chemical that changes the colour when met with hCG in urine. The test results will remain on the screen for about 30 minutes. 

How to Choose a Pregnancy Test Kit?

If you are clueless about what to consider when selecting a suitable testing kit, do look at the following guide. 

  • Easiness- Pregnancy tests that come in the form of strips make you want to collect urine in a container. Then only you can dip the testing strip into it, not passing the max line. Stick testing kits are easy to use, as you can directly pass some urine onto those and get the readings.
  • Accuracy- There are some tests which are capable of detecting hCG levels even after about six days from conception. This means such strips can identify lesser percentages of the hormone, which gives a more accurate answer.
  • Clearness of the result- If you are confused about the line readings in stripes, then there is a digital screen included option for you. Digital kits display the result as negative or positive, allowing easy confirmation for the user.
  • Cost- Generally, digital test kits are more costly than the usual strip test kits.
  • Expiration date- If you are willing to buy a stock for long-term use, do not forget to check the expiration date. 

How Much Does a Pregnancy Test Cost in the US?

A typical pregnancy strip kit will cost between $8-$20. There is a range of prices according to the brand, location, and type.

What should You Not Do Before a Pregnancy Test?

It would be better if you did not consume a lot of water or excess liquids before the test. The urine must be held in your bladder for about four hours before the test. Therefore, early morning once you get up, is the ideal time for a pregnancy check-up. 

What are the First Signs of Pregnancy?

If you are looking for pregnancy test strips at gas stations, you should have felt weird on your road trip. Some are unaware of their pregnancies until a warning sign, or a dangerous thing happens. It is essential to do a check-up the very first minute you get the symptoms or any doubt. This way, you can avoid unexpected miscarriages, risks for both mom and baby etc. A pregnancy test will help someone with cryptic pregnancy syndrome to identify her pregnancy.  

Pregnancy symptoms may appear after one or two weeks of fertilization.

  • Nausea with vomiting. Some may only have nausea.
  • The intervals between the urine pass reduce. 
  • Usual nature of breasts changes.
  • Fatigue.
  • Late periods.
  • Mild cramps in the lower abdomen. (Implantation cramping)


Do gas stations sell pregnancy tests? If you are looking for an answer to this question, have a good read through this article, and you will find the answer with many more general facts on pregnancy tests and the method of performing such. 

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