is simple green safe for car paint

Can Simple Green Be Used on Car Paint? Cleaning Your Car Safely

We see Simple Green Wash and Wax as an ideal cleaner for our automobiles because of their gentle nature on the damage-prone surface of our vehicle. A question burning at the back of our minds when we look for Simple Green brand’s cleaning product is, ‘Is simple green safe for car paint?’. Well, the answer to that is an absolute yes. They are designed with an extra protection layer to protect the paint on the car.

And in this article, we will discuss what simple Green is, whether it’s safe for the car paint, will the formula fade the paint on the car, and what is the best cleaner for car paint.

What is simple Green?

Simple Green is an American cleaning product brand from the company Sunshine Makers. The speciality is they are a very environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning agent with a non-abrasive and non-toxic set of ingredients.

The cleaner is an all-purpose solution used by literally all of us to remove all forms of stains, grease and oils from surfaces. Everybody loves what it can do to our countertops, vehicle bodies etc. The US EPA, too, has recognized Simple Green as a safer choice. But dont forget to dilute the solution because we will damage our skin and the surface that it’s used for cleaning.

Is Simple Green Safe for Car Paint?

If you’re pondering whether Simple Green is safe on car paint, the answer is an absolute yes. The ingredient the company has included in our cleaning solution is biodegradable and so much safe on the paint. We are normally using the cleaning agent to give a quick and urgent makeover to our vehicle. But we aren’t going to encourage you to use the solution daily. Why? It is because when we use the product daily, it will wear off the clear coating o our car’s lovely paint away, which isn’t appealing at all. In fact, going to cost a little extra for the damage to the paint, especially when the solution is used without diluting.

Is Simple Green Safe for Car Engines?

If you doubt whether the Simple Green cleaner is safe for car engines, our answer is yes. We are using this solution as one of the common cleaners for the engine. Why? Because Simple Green is very popularly known for its non-invasive, anti-corrosion nature, which is important when it comes to our vehicle engines.

Because the cleaner is environmentally friendly and non-abrasive, we could literally use them on the parts and components of our engine with chrome, stainless steel and iron as well as aluminium on them. The solution is promised to give a fresh look to the engine by easily removing any rust, grease, fluids and stains.

Will Simple Green Fade Paint?

Most car wash solutions are quite damaging to the car paint. It will burn the paint, eventually fading the paint away. The simple Green is one all-purpose solution we use for removing extremely stubborn grime and grease on surfaces. The simple Green, just like any other solution used for cleaning, should first be dissolved in water before cleaning the surface. Otherwise, the solution will actually cause noticeable fades on the paint, cutting out the clear coat shine on the surface. The more we use the concentrated form of the solution, the more damage it will cause to the paint. But it’s a much safer option compared to other special cleaning products on the car.

Will Simple Green Fade Paint?

Is Simple Green a Good Pro Paint Cleaner?

Yes, only when diluted, though. If the strong concentrated solution is used, the paint will possibly be damaged, especially if the paint coat is fresh and new. Instead, we recommend for you use a specialized cleaner for pro paint on the car. Why we say this is if the solution is not diluted enough, then the damage will be obvious. You don’t want the fresh coat of paint to be burnt with the solution. As a pro paint cleaning solution, we recommend you use something that is designed for freshly coated surfaces.

Is Simple Green Safe on Car Wax?

Our cars have this wax coating on the paint, and many harsh and abrasive cleaners are known to damage this wax coat on the car paint. Compared to all those corrosive and damaging cleaners, Simple Green is a conveniently safer option. This is because the cleaning solution has a formula that is non-abrasive and safe on the wax layer.

The solution is actually biodegradable and non-toxic, making it an easy and urgent cleaning formula. They are promising on all kinds of surfaces as designed for an all-purpose requirement. The only advice to reduce the risk of damaging the wax layer is to use the diluted mixture for cleaning. And when cleaning, don’t use any harsh scrubber or brush; instead, make sure you use a sponge or a microfiber cloth just to be on the safe side. You can even use them on the wheels effectively.

What is the Best Cleaner for Car Paint?

We have so many car cleaning products in the market. Many people have different opinions as to which is the best of all. And we can’t really pinpoint any specific cleaner as the best because it’s all in customer choice. Here are some products we have narrowed down to make it easy for you;

Meguiar’s Gold Class car wash is one of the very popular cleaners we use. Many recommend it as the rated wash that is most effective for cleaning the car without messing up the wax and paint coat on the automobile.

The stone car care tarminator is another awesome pick for removing stubborn tar. Grease, grim and bug stains. It is used as a degreasing agent for removing all kinds of stains. This is considered so much better than the regular mild car wash soap.

The Nu finish car polish liquid is a highly used polish liquid cleaning agent. Nu is durable, inexpensive, effective, and pretty much easy to use. It has a non-abrasive synthetic polymer protecting the paint layer from scratches and other damages.

Meguiar’s ultimate waterless wash and Wax is such an affordable and hassle-free wash and Wax that gives an excellent cleaning finish with less price and little effort.

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