how do you fix a squeaky steering wheel

How Do you Fix a Squeaky Steering Wheel? Maintenance Tips!

Driving with a squeaky steering wheel is not fun. In addition, a noisy steering wheel suggests there is some issue with your steering wheel’s functionality. So, how do you fix a squeaky steering wheel? This report is all about this hassling issue, let’s fix it.

What Causes Squeaking Noise in the Steering Wheel?

According to our previous experience, squeaking noises in the steering wheel can be caused by a lack of lubrication or worn-out components in the system. Let us explain these a little bit.

Dry or Worn Bearings

In the steering column, dry or worn bearings are a common cause. Lack of lubrication leads to friction, producing a squeaking sound when the wheel turns.

Low Power Steering Fluid

Insufficient power steering fluid can lead to increased friction and noise in the system. Low fluid levels might also indicate leaks.

Worn Power Steering Belt

A slipping or worn belt in the power steering system can make a squeaking or squealing noise, especially noticeable during turns.

Faulty Steering Rack or Gearbox

Wear and tear in the steering rack or gearbox can result in squeaking noises. This is often due to inadequate lubrication or aging components.

Bushings and Joints Wear

Worn-out bushings or joints in the steering linkage can produce squeaking sounds due to metal-on-metal contact.

How to Fix a Squeaky Steering Wheel?

To fix a squeaky steering wheel you need to determine if the squeak is coming from inside of the steering column or outside (power steering system).

  • If the noise is inside, the easiest way to fix is to spray a lubricant like WD-40 on the steering column bearings and any other moving parts within reach.
  • For external squeaks, you will need to inspect the power steering fluid level. Refill or replace if low or the power steering fluid is contaminated.
  • In addition, we recommend you examine the belt for wear or looseness. If required, adjust or replace if necessary.
  • Apply lubricant to moving parts in the power steering system, including pulleys and joints.
  • Inspecting the Steering Rack/Gearbox is also crucial. Check these components for wear. Lubricate or repair as needed.

Is It Safe to Drive with a Squeaking Steering Wheel?

No, generally, it is not safe to drive with a squeaking steering wheel. The reason why, a squeaking steering wheel often hints at issues that could affect your vehicle’s handling and performance.

What is the Best Lubricant for a squeaky Steering Wheel?

The best lubricant for a squeaky steering wheel is typically a silicone-based or lithium grease lubricant. We recommend these lubricants because they are effective in reducing friction and noise, and they don’t attract dirt or dust.

Silicone sprays are ideal for interior components like the steering column, while lithium grease works well for external parts such as joints and bushings in the steering system. 

What Noise Does a Bad Steering Rack Make?

A bad steering rack can make clunking or knocking noise when turning the steering wheel, especially at low speeds. In addition, you can expect a grinding or whining noise, particularly when steering in one direction.

These sounds are often accompanied by a feeling of looseness or excessive play in the steering wheel. If you come across these sounds, consider an inspection and potential repair or replacement of the steering rack.


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