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Purple Power vs Simple Green – Battle of Cleaning Titans!

Choosing the ideal cleaning solution may make a massive difference in keeping your car clean and gleaming. In vehicle cleansers, Simple Green and Purple Power are two popular competitors. Each provides particular benefits and specialized uses. In this article, we examine the features of these two products and compare purple power vs. simple Green. Understanding the characteristics of Simple Green and Purple Power will help you make a well-informed decision that is suited to your particular cleaning needs and personal preferences.

What are Purple Power and Simple Green Cleaners Used For?

Purple Power and Simple Green are cleaners specifically designed for cleaning cars. Potent degreaser and cleaner Purple Power is ideal for heavy-duty cleaning, especially for engine bays and undercarriages.

It effectively removes oil, grease, and grime on car surfaces. Simple Green is a versatile cleaner and degreaser that can remove dirt, dust, and fingerprints from inside and outside of cars.

Regular car maintenance is made ideal by its mild yet practical cleaning skills. It prevents damage to delicate surfaces like car paint and upholstery. Both cleaners provide beneficial methods for keeping a clean and clean car.

What are the Main Ingredients in Purple Power and Simple Green?

Simple Green and Purple Power are potent cleaners, but their main ingredients and uses differ. Simple Green is an all-purpose cleaner and degreaser that works well for regular cleaning jobs, Including washing the interior and outside of cars.

The mixture of nontoxic, biodegradable surfactants and water-based solvents makes it harmless on every kind of surface.

Purple Power is a powerful degreaser for severe cleaning jobs in industrial settings, like vehicle engine bays. Its main ingredient is Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether.

A strong solvent that efficiently removes stains, grease, and other rigid materials. Due to its powerful formulation and potential for skin irritation, Purple Power should only be used with caution.

Overall, Simple Green is versatile and secure for daily usage, but Purple Power is better suited to intensive industrial cleaning tasks and particular vehicle uses.

Features of Purple Power

Purple Power is a famous brand of household and industrial cleaners and degreasers. A popular product that efficiently eliminates dirt and grease from various surfaces, including vehicle, farm, and industrial surfaces, is Purple Power Industrial Strength Cleaner and Degreaser.

Cleaning is faster and more effective because of its concentrated mix. It easily removes stains and grease.

The unique features include a lengthy shelf life of up to 24 months, providing lasting effectiveness, and being biodegradable, allowing for more accessible breakdown and environmental concerns.

This versatile cleaner comes in various sizes and is easily accessible at physical stores and online.

Features of Simple Green

A famous manufacturer of cleaning supplies called Simple Green is known for its efficiency and excellent customer service. Safety and environmental friendliness are given top priority in the creation of Simple Green by Sunshine Makers Inc., a pioneer in green cleaning solutions.

It is an Industrial Cleaner, and a degreaser is a flexible concentrate that may be diluted for various uses and can replace multiple cleaners and degreasers.

Some of the unique features ensure the safety and protection of users and surfaces including not being toxic, not abrasive, and not flammable.

Simple Green is a reliable choice for effective degreasing and cleaning without risky chemicals or dangers because of its commitment to safety and environmentally friendly solutions.

Comparison of Purple Power vs Simple Green

Cleaners and degreasers with potent formulas, Simple Green and Purple Power, are suitable for various uses. They efficiently remove tar, road tar, carbon deposits, grease, and oil from surfaces without leaving any stains or markings. These two products are nonabrasive, nonflammable, and environmentally friendly.

Simple Green is adaptable and great for cars’ engines, interiors, and exteriors. It may remove juice stains, lipstick, and bad smells from car mats and seats. It may be used with a pressure washer and is a safe choice for cleaning vehicles. Simple Green also offers different types, including all-purpose and car wash cleaners.

Purple Power is made for heavy-duty use in engine bays and can remove difficult stains and deposits like grease and oil. When used on aluminum and stainless-steel items, it must be applied carefully due to its potent components.

Choosing between Simple Green and Purple Power would be best, depending on the surfaces you need to clean. Simple Green is a gentle, all-purpose alternative for indoor and outdoor applications.

What should you Not Use Purple Power On

What should you Not Use Purple Power On?

Purple Power should not be applied on the glass, painted surfaces, exterior vehicle surfaces, or wheel rims. Try it on an unnoticed area before use to see if it adheres to the surface and is colourfast to prevent damage to surfaces and fabrics.

When using the product, it is essential to use rubber gloves, protect skin and eyes from direct contact, and ensure enough ventilation.

Can Purple Power Damage your Skin?

The answer is yes. Purple Power can harm your skin if it comes in contact with it directly. It could irritate your skin if you come into repetitive or prolonged contact with it.

Communication with the eyes might irritate them, and ingestion can irritate the mouth, throat, and gastrointestinal system. it’s essential to handle Purple Power carefully and apply the necessary safety measures to prevent any adverse effects on the skin or other parts of the body.

Is Purple Power Acid or Alkaline?

Purple Power is alkaline, as it contains sodium metasilicate pentahydrate. It has a pH of roughly twelve and a half and is a highly alkaline compound.

It’s crucial to avoid applying strongly acidic or highly alkaline substances on some surfaces. Best to use a medium-bristle toothbrush and regular baking soda to clean plastic surfaces because extremely acidic or highly alkaline cleaners risk damaging the material.

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